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Mindfulness for Schools

The Teachers Space

If you are looking for the perfect developmental programme for your teachers for that inset day, then Mind-Wise can provide you with a short and interactive course that will make even the most cynical and hardened staff sit up and smile.

The Teachers Space programme has been modified from the Mindfulness Introduction to offer critical support for all teaching staff, secondary and primary.

At Mind-Wise we recognise the increasing demands being placed on the education sector, with decreasing resources, resulting in time-pressures, work overload and morale deflation.

After this short training you will have further skills and new insights to help your school staff-members deal with the uncertainties of work and life.

This 60-90 minute session is a highly practical and experiential immersion into Mindfulness practice and theory, to allow each participant to discover what exercises work for them and ultimately to begin their own process of practicing awareness.

This simply is what Mindfulness is: awareness. With awareness we have greater choice. The aim of the programme is therefore to give you more Choice, Control and Freedom.

The course outline:

  • Awareness of Thoughts, Feelings and Senses
  • Breath as Anchor
  • Physiology and Value of the Stress Response
  • 3 Steps to Choice, Control and Freedom

Time is allocated to discuss the essential area of the work environment and our relationship to it. The bottom line is that if we are able to be with our stuff: our thoughts, feelings and sensations then we will have a better chance of being with others and their stuff, as we perceive it. How we relate to ourselves will directly affect how we end up relating to our colleagues, to our customers or clients, to our family and friends.

The total cost of the short course is dependent on the number of participants, but starts at £200.

For more information and to book this short course for your staff please contact Simon Heale

.b – The Mindfulness for Schools Project

.b, pronounced [dot-be],stands for ‘Stop, Breathe and Be!’ This simple act of mindfulness provides the kernel of a ten lesson course for schools.

.b has primarily been designed for use in the classroom with what we would call ‘conscript’ audiences for 11-18 year olds, although it can also be used equally effectively in other settings.

At the most simple level .b is an awareness-raising exercise to give all students a taste of mindfulness so that they know about it and can return to it later in life if they choose to do so. However, for many pupils the course can lead to immediate and striking results: they feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled; they can concentrate better; they have a toolkit to deal with stress and anxiety.

Please contact us for more details

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