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The following testimonials are a response to the following question:

What is your overall impression of the programme and teaching methods?

June 2016

I liked it and I saw a direct change in my thinking and mood, so it definitely works!  But it’s hard to keep up the discipline.  I liked that it started simple in some respects and then built on what we had previously learned.

Good, I liked the pace. Has opened me up to further courses and practices

Brilliant. I don’t feel like I am going crazy. I like how relaxed it is and open.

I am really pleased I decided to embark on the course. It has helped in so many ways and has even made my yoga practice stronger. I really liked the structure and teaching methods, it put me at ease.

Previous Courses up to May 2016

Programme is good, well structured, nice balance between theory, discussion and practice.

Our group responded well to this really challenging life-style change. I put that down to your calmness in delivering the training…and repeating the principles until we all got it.

Very accessible, clear, succinct teaching interspersed with readings/poems and sitting practices. I would happily recommend Simon and this course. The sessions were a manageable length to fit around a busy work and family life.

I absolutely love Mindfulness and have found it liberating and fun (not always) and positive, like I have more choice now.

Teaching was compassionate. A good balance of meditation as well as discussion. I felt very safe and valued.

The space was cosy and welcoming. It helped to have a teacher with such a comforting voice and manner.

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